Brown Davis Long Range Fuel Tank

The Brown Davis long range and auxiliary fuel tank range is an engineered solution for being able to travel further with less fuel stops. They are designed to give maximum fuel capacity without affecting ground clearance and ramp over/departure angle, whilst being exceptionally strong against the most rigorous of conditions. The Brown Davis long range and auxiliary tanks allow you to get to the most remote parts of the globe where a standard tank wouldn’t take you, or as a tradesman get to that extra job site without constantly needing to stop for fuel.


Tank Types

Replacement Tanks: Long range tanks are designed as a full replacement fuel tank with a much higher fuel payload than the standard tank. The tanks take place of the factory fitted fuel tank, and as such are a direct bolt in solution for increasing fuel capacity. On average, the increased capacity is no less than 40%, with some tanks in excess of 100% increase in capacity.

Auxiliary Tanks: Are designed to be installed in addition to the original factory fuel tank, coupled with its own fuel gauge. An electrical changeover system simultaneously changes the source of fuel from the original (main) tank to the auxiliary tank (or vice verse), whilst the vehicles fuel gauge is simultaneously changed over to indicate the level in the tank from which the fuel is being drawn. Furthermore, some auxiliary set ups utilize a separate fuel transfer pump, and by the flick of a switch can transfer fuel from the auxiliary tank into the main tank. The method of utilization based on both of the above descriptions varies depending on the vehicle model and the type of factory fuel delivery.

Gas Conversion Tanks: Are installed in a vehicle when the vehicle is to be converted to operate on LPG in addition to petrol. It is designed to fit into a separate location on the vehicle and to adapt to the original fuel system. This therefore leaves the largest area of space for a gas cylinder, in the position of where the original fuel tank is removed.