LED Light Universal 16W

LED Lights are a great addition for night time 4WDing. The sharpness of the light emitted from this LED light is of the highest quality. All Ironmnan LED light bars use only CREE LED's which are among the best on the market. The smallest of the LED light bars range from 720 Lumen on the 16W to a massive 8100 Lumens on the 90W bar. Lighten up the track, make it "like its day time" and  you will easily find where the next track leads.


  • 4 x 4w Cree LED
  • 16w beam
  • Multi voltage - 10-30v DC
  • Colour = 6000k
  • Polycarbonate lens cover
  • 80mm (3") long
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Adjustable mounting system
  • Diecast Alloy Housing
  • 720 Lumens