Narva Extreme Driving Lights

Good quality driving lights are a must have for every 4WD. They give you added safety and peace of mind for night driving both in the country and offroad by dramatically increasing your visibility. By allowing you to see much further ahead than you would with your standard head lights you allow yourself longer reaction times to avoid collisions. Don't rely on your head lights alone to light up those country roads, fit a set of driving lights to your 4WD today!

Kit Contains:

  • 2 x driving lamps with heavy-duty adjustable black mounting frame with triple clamp system and pre-wired waterproof connectors
  • 2 x see through lens protectors
  • 2 x fitted 12V H1 100W globes
  • 2 x waterproof connectors
  • 1 x anti-theft hex head key

An entirely new concept in driving light construction, the Extreme lamp is mounted within a protective steel frame that suspends the lamp from three points. The use of heavy duty rubber grommets at all three anchor points ensures that once fastened the screws and adjusting knob cannot work loose. The use of these anchor points and grommets isolate the lamp from the frame providing the ultimate protection against constant vibration. The Tig welded Chromoly steel frame and glass reinforced nylon housing combine to offer the ultimate in impact protection. Available in halogen, H.I.D and the choice of either a black or chrome mount.