Supernova HID Driving Lights

Good quality driving lights are a must have for every 4WD. They give you added safety and peace of mind for night driving both in the country and offroad by dramatically increasing your visibility. By allowing you to see much further ahead than you would with your standard head lights you allow yourself longer reaction times to avoid collisions. Don't rely on your head lights alone to light up those country roads, fit a set of driving lights to your 4WD today!


  • Internal Ballast
  • 35 watt HID Bulb
  • High Impact ABS housing
  • Polycarbonate Lens Cover
  • Hardened Glass Lens
  • Amperage draw: 2.9 amps
  • HID vs Halogen

The HID is up to 3 times brighter, and lasts up to 10 times longer. HID lights last up to 10 times longer than halogen lights as they do not have a filament in the bulb. HID lights produce much less heat than a halogen light, so there is a reduction in the burning of the lens and reflector.

HID lights draw 60% less power than a halogen lights. This allows you to use 4 HID lights and still use less power than 2 halogen (100W) lights.